Scientists want to use DNA testing to finally solve the Loch Ness monster mystery!

We may need to take DNA to stand for Did Not Appear as Scientists will soon be testing the waters of Loch Ness in coming weeks in a quote to solve the mystery of what lies beneath the surface. According to the Mirror newspaper, specialists from all over the world will form the Super Natural... Continue Reading →

20 Typical British Jokes

When it comes to jokes and one-liners, the Brits have their fair share. They may be about the weather, things wrong with Britain or people from other countries (typically people from Australia, France or Ireland - for which we are sorry!). You may not understand them or find them funny - or you may love... Continue Reading →

The Best Cheese In The World?

When it comes to cheese, I confess to enjoying many varieties of cheese from around the world (such as from France or Italy), possibly over British cheese. So when someone I met in Italy, who was well-travelled, pointed at me and said 'you guys make the best cheese in the world' it got me thinking. Do... Continue Reading →

6 Different But GREAT British Inventions

Over the years, many countries have had a role in inventing new, innovative and exciting things - even inventions that today, we take for granted. In this article, we've included 6 that we think are in some way funny, different or possibly typically British... Let's Keep It Clean! Get off to a great start every day... Continue Reading →

Why Choose a Golfing Holiday?

This article is written by Golf World Directory. You can visit their site at You're looking for a holiday . . . but we all want different things when we go away. Some people look for sun and relaxation; some look for activities; others socialising, eating & drinking. But have you looked at a golfing... Continue Reading →

4 Travel Trips To Consider

When visiting somewhere are you the explorer type who likes to visit many different places or the type who likes to stay in an around the same area and relax a bit more? If you like travelling then this article is for you. Here are 4 ideas for travelling around Britain to see the many... Continue Reading →

3 Places To Stay In Hampshire

If you are visiting the south of England, Hampshire is a great place to visit with its coastline, local breweries and country pubs offering great food. Here are 3 of our favourite places to consider stay in Hampshire: Hayling Island Hayling Island is situated to the east of Portsmouth and even though the bridge from... Continue Reading →

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