3 Great British Foods

Around the world, if you ask many people what the British eat, you will get typical answers such as fish and chips or for drinking, a ‘jolly nice’ cup of tea. And while we cannot deny the British eat and drink these foods, they aren’t consumed as much as you would think.

Here are our 3 favourite British foods:

Doorstep sarnie with English cheddar

Translated, a ‘doorstep sarnie’ is a sandwich with 2 thick, yummy slices of bread. And in between these two slices of bread? Anything can be added but our top choice would be regional English cheddar decorated with a layer of Branston pickle. Yum!

Corish Pasty

There are many variants of the Cornish pasty including many that contain processed foods but a true Cornish Pasty from the region of Cornwall includes real steak meat, spices, onions and potatoes and will typically be way to big to eat.

Rhubard and crumble pie

We were close to putting apple pie here but then we remembered the amazing blend of sharp tangy rhubarb with tasty sweet crumble. Available mostly in the summer and perfect after any British main meal, including fish and chips.

Other things to consider include:

Devonshire cream teas with scones, mushy peas, lasagne, ploughman’s lunch and cottage pie.

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