The Milk And Tea Debate

For many Europeans and other worldly travellers it’s not a question of if milk should be added to tea – it shouldn’t. But British like to be different and the debate is should the milk be poured into the cup first.

It might seem like a trivial thing but expert tea drinkers (also known as ‘Brits’ for short) will disagree. Having the milk in first allows it to mix properly with the tea when it’s being poured say some Brits. While others will point out that adding milk last allows you to see how much milk you want to add depending on how strong the tea is. They will also point out that if you are using a tea bag it makes the tea very milky.

The debate may never be settled but then just as well. Afterall, the whole idea of a relaxing afternoon tea is that you have something to talk about. Now, where are those biscuits…

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