3 Vacation Ideas In Britain

If you just want to sit on the beach and get tanned this summer look away now. This post is not for you. If you fancy some adventure, however, then read on…

Below are 5 great holiday/vacation ideas you may want to consider that may be hard to do anywhere else in the world:

Whisky and Mountain Tours

The highlands of Scotland offer some incredible scenery and if you like whisky then even better. A tour of one or more distilleries is an amazing way to not only discover the art of making whisky but learn about the local culture and surroundings. There are many areas you can head to from the Isles of Jura and Islay to the west of Scotland to the far north regions of Speyside. There are actually five whisky regions in Scotland which are Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland and Speyside.

You may be interested in this blog post:

9 Whisky Distilleries You Must Visit in Scotland

Canal Barge Break

The Midlands and East Anglia area in England are great for taking a barge and cruising down the canals, visiting country pubs, villages and even tourist attractions such as Stratford Upon Avon. You can also visit the centre of Britains second biggest city Birmingham which is often claimed to have more miles of waterways than Venice! (35 miles compared to 26 miles in Venice).

Barge holidays are the perfect way to relax, enjoy the British countryside and do something different, including mastering the locks as you work your way upstream!

Campervan Break

Campervan breaks can be done in many countries but we think that the coastal scenery in Britain as well as countryside makes a campervan break a trip worth doing. There are many routes you can take from the Jurassic coastline and New Forest in the south to the rolling hills of Wales.

There are plenty of other types of holidays to consider from city tours including Edinburgh and London to staying in countryside Bed and Breakfasts (with log fires in winter being a bonus!).

What’s your favourite type of holiday and why?

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