Why Choose a Golfing Holiday?

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You’re looking for a holiday . . . but we all want different things when we go away.
Some people look for sun and relaxation; some look for activities; others socialising, eating & drinking. But have you looked at a golfing holiday?

Well, we know that if we search for tirelessly, filter our searches on different platforms and narrow it down to the key elements that we will be able to create the ideal holiday . . . but have you considered a Golf holiday?

Because we believe a golf holiday covers all basis!

So what sets it apart from the rest? What does a golf holiday have that others don’t?

We prefer to look at it as . . . what doesn’t a golf holiday have that would mean you’d look elsewhere?


If you’re somebody that enjoys a Villa with a view . . . have you ever experienced the view of a golf course?

Imagine sitting on your balcony enjoying your breakfast; as you look out at the perfectly manicured undulations of a golf course, it’s water features and the distant silhouettes of golfers walking along the fairways; the sun shining down on them in the background.

Like a sea view? Pick the right destination and you’ll have a golf course right on the coast!

Now you don’t have to be a golfer to appreciate the picturesque nature of a golf course in the sunshine, but, you do have to be on a golf course!

unnamed (1)


Now you must have heard of the 19th Hole?

It’s a hub of activity and almost every golf course in the world has one, meaning you’re golfing holiday won’t lack any opportunity to socialise. It is the spot where you can relax, socialise, eat & drink all within the surroundings of a stunning clubhouse looking out to those gorgeous views across the course.

If you’re a people watcher – this will suit you to a tee! You’ll be able to watch the world go by as golfers come and go for their rounds, family and friends settle down to discuss their holidays, their plans or their rounds of golf.

Prefer to keep to yourself, there will always be a spot to sit back and settle into a comfy chair, have a read of a book and enjoy the drink of your choosing.

A holiday for everyone

This holiday is perfect whether you’re with family or friends; young or old.

One of the bonuses here is that on a golf resort you can have the best of both worlds – some of your party may wish to play golf while others do not. Being at a Golf Club gives you the option to make a choice, without having to worry about travelling away from where you are to find a course.

If you all like golf then even better! You can play as a family, a couple or with your friends and even mix in some healthy competition if that’s what you like to do.

unnamed (2)

What if nobody likes golf?

Well if you haven’t tried it before then we recommend you give it a go before making that decision. Most resorts will have facilities where you can practice if you don’t want to go straight out on the course and there will be a PGA Pro who will be on hand to help.

If you’ve tried and it just isn’t your thing – as we mentioned – being at a golf club doesn’t mean you have to play golf! Many resorts have facilities including fitness centres, spas and other sports available, not to mention restaurants and the clubhouse, swimming pool and areas to sunbathe.

As with anything it all comes down to choosing which course best suits you!

How to make your selection?

The golf world is large which means you’ll have plenty of different options and opportunities to try new locations for your golfing holiday.

You may find a favourite or prefer to mix it up time after time.

Whether you’re looking for your first golf holiday or searching for somewhere new to try you’ll be able to choose between around 30,000 different golf clubs in the world . . . to play them all you’d need to play a different course every day of your life for roughly 82 years . . . now tell us that isn’t enough variety!?!

Where to start? Discover the world of golf in the largest online course directory in the world: www.golfworlddirectory.com

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