6 Different But GREAT British Inventions

Over the years, many countries have had a role in inventing new, innovative and exciting things – even inventions that today, we take for granted.

In this article, we’ve included 6 that we think are in some way funny, different or possibly typically British…

Let’s Keep It Clean!

Get off to a great start every day and smile with clean teeth, thanks to William Addis, a rag trader who was sent to prison in 1770. It was while being locked away in prison that he invented the toothbrush. The company Wisdom Toothbrushes still exists today!


It wasn’t until over 130 years later that a Brit by the name of Hubert Cecil Booth invented the electric vacuum cleaner in 1901.

Safety In Transport


The bicycle as we know it today was originally called the safety bicycle as it was much safer than other bikes at the time (such as the single wheel penny-farthing). The safety bicycle was invented by John Kemp Starley in 1885.

And as cars become more popular, we just had to put a brake on things. Literally. The disc brake as we know it, was invented by Frederick William Lanchester in 1902

, allowing cars to slow down and stop quicker and in shorter distances.

This Is A Wind Up

The Wind-Up radio has been distributed all over Africa and was originally created by Trevor Baylis in 1991 when he saw a TV show talking about how AIDS could be stopped in Africa by people hearing educational information over the radio. This fact isn’t a wind-up, but the radio he invented certainly is.

THE Most Important Thing In The World?


Undoubtedly, the world would be a different place without the invention of the chocolate bar. In 1847, the work of JS Fry and Sons lead to the invention of the chocolate bar. Their formula for mixing cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa has resulted in many happy consumers of the chocolate bar for many years.


Other great inventions also include the Television, the Catseye, the Hovercraft and even steel which is used in the manufacturing process for various finished products.



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