The Best Cheese In The World?

When it comes to cheese, I confess to enjoying many varieties of cheese from around the world (such as from France or Italy), possibly over British cheese. So when someone I met in Italy, who was well-travelled, pointed at me and said ‘you guys make the best cheese in the world’ it got me thinking. Do we?

What made this statement even more startling was that it was during a wine and cheese tasting session on the beautiful Italian Amalfi Coast. Surely the statement ‘best cheese in the world’ was more an attempt to engage in conversation or did he mean it? I had to find out more…

The answer, it seems, is cheddar. Traditional cheddar cheese not only tastes good, but it can make pretty much anything you eat taste good. Toasted sandwiches? Don’t forget the cheddar. Delicious sliced bread sandwiches? Cheddar and Branston pickle is the perfect solution. Pizza? Cheddar cheese makes a great topping.

In Britain, most people probably take cheddar cheese for granted as it’s used in so many ways including on jacket potatoes, casseroles, with pasta or even when making none-British recipes such as Fajitas or muffins! (By the way, if you are looking for recipes with cheddar here’s a great article 7 Ways With Cheddar).

There are many other great kinds of cheese in Britain (which you can see a list of by visiting Wikipedia) but cheddar really is a flexible, yet tasty cheese that is used so often and in so many ways as part of British cuisine. You may prefer a cheese that has a stronger taste or has a more potent smell. You may prefer different cheeses for different recipes but cheddar is possibly the best all-rounder cheese. So is it the best in the world?

For me, I’m not fully convinced but whilst there may be many great kinds of cheeses from around the world – including from Britain – it has to be a strong contender.

What are your thoughts? What is your favourite cheese? For once, we are allowing cheesy comments…

PS. To find out a bit more about the British and cheese, you might like this article about Wallace and Gromit – and their love of cheese!




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