Crap food and constant drizzle: Have the French got the wrong idea about Britain?

Most people are aware that cultural stereotypes are a bit of a minefield but, unless you decide to live alone in a cave when you live in a foreign country, they are also impossible to avoid. And the longer you are in France you'll realised they have plenty of clich√©s about the British. Not every... Continue Reading →

The Best Cheese In The World?

When it comes to cheese, I confess to enjoying many varieties of cheese¬†from around the world (such as from France or Italy), possibly over British cheese. So when someone I met in Italy, who was well-travelled, pointed at me and said 'you guys make the best cheese in the world' it got me thinking. Do... Continue Reading →

The Milk And Tea Debate

For many Europeans and other worldly travellers it's not a question of if milk should be added to tea - it shouldn't. But British like to be different and the debate is should the milk be poured into the cup first. It might seem like a trivial thing but expert tea drinkers (also known as... Continue Reading →

3 Great British Foods

Around the world, if you ask many people what the British eat, you will get typical answers such as fish and chips or for drinking, a 'jolly nice' cup of tea. And while we cannot deny the British eat and drink these foods, they aren't consumed as much as you would think. Here are our... Continue Reading →

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